Stacey Burroughs – 2018 NHPLT Outstanding Educator

Stacey Burroughs, Grade 6 Science Teacher, Newport Middle-High School, Newport NH

Stacey has been teaching for 20 years, with the past 14 years in Newport. She teaches 6th grade science and serves on an several advisory boards including Engineering and Horticulture. She is one of the teacher/facilitator for Newport’s Envirothon team, and began working with NH Project Learning Tree four years ago as part of the NHEET Building Vertical Science Literacy program. 

Stacey credits the NHEET program with helping her learn how to teach science well. She is not afraid to try new things and to engage her students in ways they can truly learn. She takes kids outside to do field investigations. “Getting into the field and having experiences has been wonderful. I would spend most of my time outside doing these kinds of investigations if I could”. As she puts it, there is great value in doing inquiry and fieldwork with her students.

“The kids love it. The connections that they can bring into the classroom after time outside, it’s amazing. When you ask them to reflect on what they’ve learned, they almost all say hands-on outdoor activities. That is the stuff that sticks with them and they carry it forward.”

Stacey is an inspiration to other people and is willing to help them however she can to get them outside doing field investigations. She is promoting this work publicly in her community and showing them how important science is and how students can be engaged in meaningful learning.