Prospect Mountain High School Awarded Project Learning Tree Green Works Recycling Grant

The Environmental Club at Prospect Mountain High School has received a Project Learning Tree GreenWorks Grant. The funds will primarily be used to purchase new recycle bins and hold interactive recycling workshops provided by the Northeast Resource Recovery Association. The new recycle bins will include the traditional recycle image, which will improve the visibility of recycling opportunities within the school. According tp Madison Morton, club president, “the club hopes to set a strong foundation for future students who will be able to build upon the community goals of the Environmental Club.”

The Environmental Club at Prospect Mountain High School have been working hard to spread the importance of recycling and caring for the environment within their school and community. Every other Friday the students volunteer to load paper that is dropped off at the recycling center. Additionally, the group greatly enjoys spending time creating new trails for the field ecology class and creating posters to spread recycling awareness around the school grounds. The group meets every Thursday morning to talk about great ways to improve “green” choices in school.

In the fall of 2014, the group of ten students submitted an application to Project Learning Tree, hoping for a grant to assist with their goal. In December, faculty advisor, Sarah Thorne, was excited to announce to her students that they had received a grant of $770.

The grant program is administered by Project Learning Tree and the United States Forest Service. Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education organization that provides curriculum materials and professional development for teachers. For information about Project Learning Tree opportunities in NH go to